The great social reformer Gurudev Kalicharan Brahma was born at Kazigaon village in the District of undivided Goalpra on 18th April 1860. Now his birth place is under Kokrajhar district of B.T.A.D. His father’s Name was Kaulram Mech and Mother’s was Randini Mech. Kaularam was a timber merchant and one of the rich persons of those days. From the childhood Kalicharan was a very intelligent, honest and thoughtful. He founded a new religion called “BRAHMA DHARMA” in 1906 and he is reverentially called “GURUDEV” or “GURU BRAHMA” by Bodo people of lower Assam along Brahmaputra river. He also became a great religious preacher of Brahma faith and brought over revolutionary changes in Bodo society by his continuous and sustained programme of reformation.

By the end of the 19th century and the early part of 20th century, the Bodo society was also politically degradation. The young Kalicharan Brahma could perceive the deplorable condition of the Bodos who were bogged down with social practices due to which the commitments despised them and he believed that Bodos are the original inhabitants of Assam. Later Kalicharan realized that Bodo society would have to be reformed. The Bodos were annoyed by other societies for their bad habits and ill practices. They were addicted to Jou, Rice bear and bad habits. Later Kalicharan Brahma achieved success in bringing changes among Bodo society in many fields by preaching his religious faith and principles and for which he was known as “GURUDEV”

The basic ideology of “Brahma Dharma” preached by Gurudev Kalicharan Brahma is one “GOD” in the form of “FIRE” Fire is Brahma and Brahma gives live to the entire earth and all its begins. Brahma is Universal, endless. Where there is Brahma, There can be Found SATYA or TRUTH.

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